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The all new Ibiza

The Irish Times
Voted no. 7 in the Irish Times Top 100 cars in 2017 and overall best supermini, the Irish Times say it's;
"Right now, in the most competitive class of all, this is the car to beat."

Irish Independent
The Irish Independent say that "There's a significant lift in quality"

Addressing the topic of space in the Ibiza, they say "The room in the cabin was deceptively impressive. I reckoned few others in the class would beat it."

Irish Examiner
The Irish Examiner lead with "Supermini of the year 2018: SEAT Ibiza"
Speaking of SEATs' engineers, the Irish Examiner says that "they have produced the best Ibiza ever, one that belongs in the Premier League. Increases in overall size and comfort levels, an excellent design, and brilliant practicality have moved this car from being a poor relation to the newly found rich kid in the family."

Cork Independent
"The Ibiza now feels sophisticated, smooth, assured, confident." and "There's plenty of space inside (space in the rear seats is especially impressive for a car in this class) and the fascia and dashboard are finally able to call on proper, high end materials."

And finally in terms of the driving experience, the Cork Independent found that "Handling is sharp and rewarding, with a lovely sense of weight and communication from the steering, while the ride has at last eradicated the hard-edged bump-thump of older Ibizas."

The Kerryman
Simply put, the Kerryman said that "The new Ibiza is the best design SEAT has ever produced in the A0 segment."

Sunday World
"New SEAT closes the gap on rivals and lives up to its Xcellence title."

Going into further detail, they say "I've said it before and I will say it again, the design of the new SEAT models is up there with the best of them and they now come loaded with the latest technology."

Complete Car
"The new platform turns the Ibiza into a competent and enjoyable steer, with a much suppler ride than the outgoing model.
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Irish Times
The all-new SEAT Ibiza has been shortlisted for Car of The Year 2018. Irish Times journalist, Michael McAleer is on the voting committee and shared his thoughts on the all-new Ibiza, saying "this is a very competent little family car with impressive rear seat legroom. It's got an eagerness and agility that brings a smile to your face. Forget city car or supermini taglines, this is capable of being a proper family hatchback for many motorists' needs - and at a price that's right." To read the full article, click here.