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Over 10,000 Spanish Place Names Submitted for SEAT’s 3rd SUV

The project #SEATseekingName, launched June 1st, has succeeded in rallying huge participation from 133,332 members of the public in 106 countries in the company initiative to name its third SUV, which is coming to market in 2018. The first stage finished yesterday after receiving a total of 10,130 different names from all over Spain, which was the criteria set out by the company, submitted through and

Since SEAT announced in March it was going to launch its new SUV, the brand had already received more than 500 proposals of different place names from all over Spain for its new vehicle with capacity for up to seven passengers. The expectations and social impact achieved prompted the company to redefine its habitual naming process, opening it up to brand followers in Spain and around the world, for them to propose their favourite name and then vote for the winner.

SEAT president Luca de Meo expressed his satisfaction with the massive response to this project: “The results obtained have overwhelmingly exceeded all expectations. Not only has this collaborative initiative sparked great interest among our brand followers, but thousands of other people have also contributed by proposing a name for our new SUV. We’re counting on them to vote for their favourite candidate in September”.

The name of SEAT’s new SUV will be announced by October 15th.

With the first stage now finished, it is time for the pre-selection phase of the proposals, involving brand experts and an external naming agency as well as customers from different countries who will be participating in the focus groups organised by SEAT. In addition, testing will be carried out in the markets to select at least three names which will be voted on. In this stage certain criteria will be observed, such as that the names are in line with the brand values and product characteristics and that they are easy to pronounce in several languages.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is the venue selected by SEAT to announce the names of the finalists. Anybody wishing to cast a vote for their favourite candidate will have the chance from 12 to 25 September, and the name with the most votes will be the winner, which SEAT will announce by 15 October.

In this fashion, the company’s third SUV will join the list of 13 models that have been named after a place name from the Spanish geography since SEAT began the tradition in 1982 with the Ronda up to the most recent Arona, the compact crossover which will be unveiled next Monday 26 June in Barcelona. In addition, it will be the first time in the history of the brand that a model carries a name selected by popular vote.