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Enniscorthy Motor Company

Leasing & Contract Hire


Leasing & Contract Hire

Enniscorthy Motor Company SEAT are now offering leasing and contract hire with maintenance options for SMEs. This new finance offer is being offered through Volkswagen Financial Services and has only recently been launched for SEAT.

What Is Contact Hire?

Contract Hire with maintenance options allows you to rent vehicles for your company as opposed to owning them, leaving you without the stress of residual values or selling the vehicle at the end of the agreement. For a set monthly fee, your business gets the use of the vehicle for an agree duration and mileage limit that suits you. As long have you not exceeded the mileage and the vehicle is in fair condition, you just return it at the end of the contract, with no further cost.

How It Works

We’ll agree a contract hire agreement for any time period between one and four years, set out an annual mileage limit* per year, to suit your business needs. This mileage limit can be reviewed and amended on a yearly basis, depending on your business demands. The contract covers the road tax for the length of the agreement. As part of your contract you can choose to include the maintenance costs of the running of the vehicle, which will cover your servicing, tyres and roadside assistance.

The Benefits

  • Fixed Monthly Costs – for a set monthly payment, you can use the vehicle within the set duration and mileage . The costs are predictable and risk free.
  • Free Up Capital – Leasing the vehicle instead of purchasing it means you are not tying up valuable capital.
  • Less Administration – With Contract Hire, the administration and management burden can be transferred to a third party when taken with a maintenance plan.
  • Regular Change Cycle – By updating your cars at regular intervals of 2, 3 or 4 years, your corporate fleet can benefit from advancing technologies and ever - improving safety and fuel efficiency features.