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Your staycation made easier

Roof Box or Bike Rack Rental by SEAT

Extra Space. No Compromise on Style.

Planning a staycation this year?

Ask your local SEAT Retailer about Roof Box and Roof Bar rental. Get more from your car and your adventures. Carrying loads safely, securely and in style.

Roof Box or Bike Rack Rental by SEAT

Holidaying in Ireland this year? Need extra space to carry all the essentials? Don't worry with Roof Box and Roof Bar Rental from SEAT we have you covered. Carry all your holiday essentials in safety and style with the knowledge that:

  • Roof Box & Roof Bar fitting to your SEAT is completed to the exact manufacturer specification by a fully trained SEAT Technician
  • With 23 Retailers around Ireland, there are 23 reasons to choose a Roofbox Rental by SEAT

To order simply contact your local SEAT Retailer and arrange your Roof Box & Roof Bar Rental. Your next adventure awaits.

Roof Box or Bike Rack Rental by SEAT

Enjoy every adventure with roof bar rental. Or a roof box that holds everything under the sun. Suitable for all SEAT models*

General Terms & Conditions:

All pricing is at the discretion of the SEAT Retailer, any deposit or rental rate must be agreed locally in every SEAT Retailer. The rental limitations will be set by the SEAT Retailer and the penalties in relation to late return and or damage incurred will be set by the SEAT Retailer locally.  All costs will be detailed at the outset of any rental by the SEAT Retailer. Rental items placed on a vehicle as part of a rental should not be removed at any time during the rental period. The SEAT Retailer is responsible for the placement and removal of all rental items. The SEAT Retailer in under no obligation to have unlimited availability of any item listed or illustrated on this website.  A notice period of rental is required and this will be determined locally by each SEAT Retailer.

*with the exception of the SEAT Mii & SEAT Ibiza

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